2014 Male and Female Spirit Award Nominees

Here at the VUL, we place a large emphasis on Spirit of the Game. We’re fortunate to have so many spirited teams and players in our league, so each year we recognize the cream of the crop at our Annual Awards Banquet in October.

Our top two awards are the Annual Individual Spirit Awards: the William Arthur Hawkins Male Spirit Award and the Laurel Stroppa Atwood Female Spirit Award. Members nominate other members who they feel are most deserving, and the Board selects the final winners.

Here are your 2014 nominees:


  • Jeffery Roy
  • Ben Klein
  • Brennan S
  • Kyle Wu
  • Mathew Liao 
  • Travis Smith


  • Kat Louman-Gardiner
  • Mirjana Maras 
  • Doris Chang 
  • Isabella Li
  • Lisa Tasa
  • Marianne 'Mare' Williams
  • Heather Kitson

Congratulations to all nominees. Your contribution to making the VUL such a wonderful place to play ultimate is very appreciated!