2019 Adult Winter League Options

We're fortunate to live in this beautiful city where we can play ultimate year-round! With that said, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from to stay fit this winter, including a NEW 5-on-5 GRASS league!

Winter League 2019 Registration 

Our Adult Winter League options include:

  1. Winter Turf (5-on-5) - You're bound to get a bit wet, but you'll be running around so much you'll hardly even notice. There's good reason this bread-and-butter Winter League attracts over 80 teams. It's 5-on-5, played on turf, Monday or Thursday evenings under lights from mid January - April. Registration from Dec 5 - Jan 6

  2. Indoor (5-on-5) - Played in a gym on Sunday afternoons. With limited space, this league can fill up quickly!  5-on-5, warm, and sheltered from the elements. Played from early January - April. Registration from Dec 5 - Dec 30. 

  3. Winter Grass Hat (5-on-5) - NEW - Play 2 hours of 5-on-5 grass ulti on Saturday mornings and have the rest of your day free. No team needed, this is a beginner-intermediate hat league! Sign up as single, duo or trio and meet some new people. Registration from Dec 5 - Jan 27. 

  4. Winter Parity (4-on-4) - BIG CHANGES - Parity is like a fantasy league you actually get to play in! We've made some changes this year to increase gender equity - the biggest being that we'll play 4-on-4 with a 2:2 ratio on the field at all times - plenty of more touches for everyone, especially women-matching players. Played on turf under lights on Tuesday evenings in January and February. Registration from Dec 5 - Jan 6.

  5. Winter Hat in New West (5-on-5) - This 5-on-5 community hat league may be at a more convenient location for you, at Queen's Park East in New Westminster. Played on turf on Monday evenings from mid January to March. Registration from Dec 5 - Jan 6.

Finding a Team

Indoor, Winter Grass, Parity and New West Hat are all Hat leagues, so you register by yourself or with 1-2 friends and we form all of the teams.

Winter Turf is a Standard league, where teams register for the league. If you don't have a team, read how to Find a team to play with. If you can't find a team, Placement registration will open on December 28. With that option, you can then register by yourself or with 1-2 friends, and we will attempt to form some teams. Read more about placement registration.