2022 Adult Winter Safety Plans & FAQ's - Updated!

Winter Season is coming up soon, and we are happy that we can continue leagues for you under BC's Restart Plan. This safety plan will continue to be updated as we move through the different steps of reopening. We are still in the pandemic, and changes will take time. 

The safety of our participants is of utmost importance. We request the support of our community to follow our guidelines and policies for the safe resumption of our sport. For full information on VUL COVID-19 Policies & Guidelines see our VUL COVID-19 Resource page. 

2022 Adult Winter Rules & Guidelines

Please note: Indoor and outdoor programs have different rules.

Adult Leagues

  • 2 meters when marking the person with the disc all fall this is a VUL rule to help everyone ease into playing together again. 
  • Even though we are now in step 3 of B.C.'s restart plan, we are asking that the 2-meter distance be maintained between participants when outside the field of play/sidelines.
  • No body contact.
  • Ground checks instead of disc checks, we want to maintain that 2-meter distance.   

Indoor Leagues (includes all Adult Leagues guidelines and rules)

  • Everyone must be wearing a mask at all times while not participating, including entering and exiting the facility.
  • Everyone must provide proof of vaccination by the way of the BC Vaccine Card or or other government-issued Proof of Vaccine  to enter the building/or participate.
  • Proof of vaccination must be shown each visit.
  • All participants and spectators must be registered and/or on a roster before arriving at the facility. This is to assist us with contract tracing. Participants or spectators who are not on a roster or registered with the VUL will not be allowed to enter the facility
  • Any additional rules and guidelines posted in the facility must be followed.

Double Disc Court (DDC) Series

  • No mark, this will be a good option for those who want to still maintain distance
  • 2 meters apart on the field, this is designed to be the most distanced version of Ultimate for the time being.
  • We are now in step 3 of B.C.'s restart plan, physical distance is no longer required off the field of play. Please ensure that communication is maintained with all players and comfort levels regarding physical distance are respected. 

Spectators Guidelines

  • For parents, non-participants and spectators of any VUL program there are steps you must take. Please review the VUL COVID-19 Policy for guidelines and rules for spectators.



On and Off the Field of Play, Physical Distancing & General Rules

1) Do I need to be vaccinated to participate in the 2022 VUL Adult Winter programs? 

  • For outdoor programming, you do not have to provide proof of vaccination.
  • For indoor programming, proof of full vaccination is mandatory.

2) Do I have to wear a mask to participate in the 2022 VUL Adult Winter programs?

  • For outdoor programming, you do not have to wear a mask. 
  • For indoor programming, a mask is mandatory at all times except when you're on the field of play. 

3) I have a rostered player who is under 22 years of age on my indoor adult team. Do they have to be fully vaccinated to play indoor? 

  • Yes. All participants of the indoor adult program must provide proof of being fully vaccinated. 

4) What is considered fully vaccinated?

  • Fully vaccinated means two doses of one of the provincially approved vaccines.

5) What proof is required for indoor adult programming?

6) Will the VUL be keeping the 2m mark?

  • Yes. As of right now, the VUL is recommending that in league play a 2-meter mark on the disc should be kept. 

7) What if each league team is comfortable playing closer than 2-meters?

  • 2-meter marks are a temporary VUL rule. If all the players on both teams are comfortable with a closer mark, this can be a captain clause. 

8) Can we “captains clause” the sideline 2 meter rule?

  • Even though we are now in step 3 of B.C.'s restart plan, we are asking that the 2-meter distance be maintained between participants when outside the field of play/sidelines.

9) What if provincial guidelines change regarding the sideline distance?

  • We’ll be following the changes closely as BC’s Restart plan moves through all it’s stages and adapt as needed. Participant safety is of the utmost importance.

10) Do sub's need to be added to the roster? 

  • Yes. This is for contact tracing purposes.
  • Substitute participants must be:
    • Registered members of the VUL
    • Must be on a roster. Non rostered players or substitutes are not allowed to participate
  • To add a sub to your roster, click the "Join" tab at the top of the main page on the VUL website (green bar, top right corner) and follow the instructions.

Field & Game Logistics

1) Will washrooms be shut down at the fields?     

  • All washrooms should be open, barring any regular maintenance.

2) Do one of the captains/assistants from one of the teams have to have cones to set up the field? Or will VUL provide cones for teams?

  • Teams provide cones. The first team to arrive typically sets up the field.

3) How do I call the game regarding field conditions and weather?

  • Regarding field conditions please take a look at our Field Closures and Storms page on the VUL website. 
  • For storms, please remember "when thunder roars, go indoors". If thunder is heard,  lightening can strike. Take shelter in your cars or a grounded structure. Game play cannot resume within 30 minutes of hearing the last rumble of thunder. Resource Ultimate Canada Health & Safety Polices, and the VUL Field Closures and Storms website page. 

For full details and clarification on VUL implemented policies please see our:

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to feedback@vul.ca.