Adult Winter Leagues 2018

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful city where we can play ultimate year-round! With that said, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from to stay fit this winter, including our first ever goaltimate league!

Winter League 2018 Registration 

Our Adult Winter League options include:

  1. Winter Turf (5-on-5) - You're bound to get a bit wet, but you'll be running around so much you'll hardly even notice. There's good reason this league attracts over 80 teams. 5-on-5, played on turf, Monday or Thursday evenings under lights from mid January - April. Registration from Dec 4 - Jan 7

  2. Indoor (5-on-5) - Played in a gym on Sunday afternoons. With limited space, this league can fill up quickly!  5-on-5, warm, and sheltered from the elements. Played from early January - April. Registration from Dec 4 - Dec 31. 

  3. Winter Grass Goaltimate! (4-on-4) - NEW - This fast and fun game is what happens when half-court basketball meets ultimate. Points are scored by completing a pass through an arch and inside the scoring area. Never seen it before? Take a look at this video. This league will be played with a 2/2 gender ratio on Saturday mornings. Registration from Jan 2-Jan 28.

  4. Winter Parity (5-on-5) - A league designed for stat lovers and friendly competitive play. This is a 5-on-5 Hat League where your stats will be kept and you could be traded between teams from week to week! Played on turf under lights on Sunday evenings from February - March. Registration from Jan 2-Jan 22.

  5. Winter Hat in New West (5-on-5) - This 5-on-5 Hat League may be at a more convenient location for you, at Mercer Stadium in New Westminster. Played on turf on Sunday evenings from mid January to March. Registration from Dec 4 - Jan 7.

A note re. Winter Hat: We decided to discontinue the weekend Winter Hat 7-on-7 league this year. It was a hard decision. That league has a very long history in the VUL - it was a place where players of all skills got to mix with each other, and new players were actively mentored by older experienced ones. However, registrations have been consistently declining as interest in other leagues grew, to the point where we expected only 4 teams this year. After considering a variety of options, we decided to try Goaltimate instead. We hope you'll give it a try!

Finding a Team

Indoor, Goaltimate, Parity and New West Hat are all Hat leagues, so you register by yourself or with 1-2 friends and we form all of the teams.

Winter Turf is a Standard league, where teams register for the league. If you don't have a team, read how to Find a team to play with. If you can't find a team, Placement registration will open on December 27. With that option, you can then register by yourself or with 1-2 friends, and we will attempt to form some teams. Read more about placement registration.