Art Hawkins "Learn-ament" for Beginner and Intermediates on June 8

Our First Ever Learn-ament!


Get direct coaching from a top coach or player. Hone a new ulti skill. Play some fun ultimate. Make a new friend or two. Do some good for the sport of ultimate. Get fed. 

Sound like fun? 

We've got a great afternoon planned for you on June 8, 2019 at Jericho. The event includes:

  • a learning tournament for beginner and intermediate players. (You'll get paired up with a coach/mentor who will give you specific instructions on how to improve whatever part of your game you're looking to improve!)
  • 4 short games that make up the tournament
  • a BBQ to feed your hungry belly
  • participation in the tournament "final" as part of a nation-wide charity event 
  • casual disc games in the park

Learn-ament (12-3 pm)

Led by experienced players from Vancouver’s competitive teams, this is a great opportunity for beginner and intermediate players to absorb new knowledge while putting it into practice. You'll get direct coaching focused on a skill you tell your mentor you'd like to work on. Throughout the day, you'll be able to put into practice what you're learning as you play 4 short games in a tournament (3 x 30 min and 1 x 60 min). 

Your final game will be the Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game, where we'll combine teams and all play together.

Art Hawkins Great Canadian Ultimate Game (3-4 pm)

This is an annual event that takes place in more than 30 ultimate communities across Canada and was started by the late VUL Executive Director, Art Hawkins.

We'll play a pick-up game of ultimate between the red team and white team. In past years one community would play in an allotted time-slot and then pass the score on to the next community, but this year each community will choose what time they play at and the scores across all communities will be added up to determine which team wins. 

As part of the game, all money raised from this event will go towards the Art Hawkins Development Fund. The Art Hawkins Development Fund supports the accessibility and development of Ultimate and Spirit of the Game in Canada with children, youth and those with a disability, especially in economically disadvantaged communities. Here's a video that shows an example of the type of projects your donations will support:

You can choose just to play in the Art Hawkins Game if you like. 

BBQ and Casual Disc Games (4-5 pm)

After playing for half a day, stick around for our bbq and fun disc games!  

We'll set up a casual game called frickets (so much fun, if you've never played... you gotta try it!) and we may even have life-size jenga on hand... 

What to bring

  • Red jersey AND a white jersey
  • Water bottle

How to register

The event is open to all VUL members. Be sure to tell your friends too!

Registration is now open.

There are 6 options to register:

1&2. Learn-ament, BBQ and Art Hawkins Game = $10 (Single) / $20 (Duo)

3&4. Learn-ament, BBQ, Art Hawkins Game + Disc = $20 (Single)/ $40 (Duo)

5. Art Hawkins Game, BBQ = Donation - Any amount you choose - Donate here or at the event.

6. Art Hawkins Game + Disc - $15 - Purchase at the event 

100% of revenue goes to the Art Hawkins Fund.