Canadian Ultimate Championships Volunteers

You may or may not know that this summer the Canadian Ultimate Championships are happening right here in Vancouver between the 12th and 18th of August at UBC. Over fifteen hundred elite level players will be here from across the country and to make this the best possible event we need your help! We are looking for volunteers to fill a variety of roles during the event. If any of the following roles look like they might be to your taste visit and sign on up!

Field Operations

Working with field operations you will be integral to keeping the tournament going and most importantly gives you the chance to drive a golf cart!

Timing and Results (Scorekeeping)

Get close to the action by working as a scorekeeper. Track game scores with the CUC Scoring App which will be updating our Twitter feed and web site with real time results.

Public Relations

As the frontline face of the tournament One of the great perks of this position is both a chair and a shady tent to hide under during the hot and sunny weather we will be getting!

Player Relations

Those working in player relations will help register teams, distribute player packages and help acclimatize players to UBC.

Volunteer Operations

The ideal candidates for working in volunteer operations are foremost the ability to commit for the most of or the entire tournament duration. You will be responsible for helping organize tournament volunteers. Beyond the comfortable indoor accommodation, you get to play with radios and tell people what to do!


Unlike many of us, you might have a job that requires your presence during the day but you still want to be involved in this great event. Help put on the best party in the History of CUC. If you would prefer to work with our youth, please let us know, as having some responsible adults around for their pool party would be greatly appreciated.  

Everything & Anything:

Are you disgustingly keen or possibly just cripplingly indecisive? Sign up for everything and anything and we will do our best to cure you of these attributes! We adore you for your willingness to go with the flow and intend to take full advantage of your good nature!

Sign up to volunteer!