Disc Design Contest

It’s time for us to order more discs and we’d like to offer a new disc design. So we’re turning to our graphic-design-talented-members, to come up with that awesome new design!

Our goals

We’re looking for a disc that:

  • looks professional
  • represents the VUL in some way (this is purposely left open for your creative interpretation!)
  • other members would love to buy


  • Stick to what discraft requires for supercolour discs. Because of their latest printing process you can have as many colours as you like in your design!
  • No copyright infringement. We don’t have a team of lawyers to fight this in the Supreme Court.
  • Nothing offensive or controversial….in case that wasn’t obvious….

Winning Prize

If your design is selected as the winner, we’ll give you a $100 gift card to Rackets & Runners and 10 discs with your design on it! Rackets & Runners is our gear and retail partner where you’d proudly see your discs sold in 2016.


Submissions are due January 8 by emailing our Marketing Manager. You may submit as many designs as you like. Please send your submission on the image of a disc so we can see fully see what it would look like.

Winning Design

Thanks to everyone who made a submission. Here is our winning design, submitted by Victor Tran!