Fall Adult Options for 2020

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BC is now in Phase 3 for all sports! This means we can run modified leagues this fall. 

We are grateful for the opportunity to play ultimate again, but risk management will be key for staying on the field.

Please read our Fall season Returning to Play article if you haven't yet. It summarizes key aspects of Phase 3, including:

  • Players can be within 2m of each other while playing, but close proximity should still be minimized where possible.
  • Space will be limited in all Fall programs due to "cohort" sizes.
  • Rosters will be capped, and all players must be rostered to play (no subs). 
  • We may limit the number of cohorts you can join - we'll confirm before registration opens.

Review the 8 options below and discuss with your friends!  Registration is now open. Click the program name for full details. 

For youth, see our Fall Youth Options article

Fall Grass League

Enjoy sunny fall weekends in September and October while they last! 

Format is similar to last year, except 5v5 to fit the cohort model: 

  • Register as a team, or the placement option if you don't have a team.
  • One Single-Header game each week for more balanced games and better fields.
  • Rosters capped at 14 players max, and all 14 can play. We'll treat each game as one gathering. 
  • Games will be 5v5 with 3M;2W gender ratio, but NOT sub on the fly due to smaller rosters. We're considering either:
    • stop-points - disc is placed on the ground, anyone can sub, restart with a check.
    • 7v7 rules - change ends, sub, and pull after each point.

Fall Turf League

This popular weeknight league will run from Sept to Nov again, but the format will change as we're limited to 50 players at the field.

  • Register as a Team this year - not Hat this fall. This will allow you to play with people you know, and hopefully feel safer as a result. 
  • Mondays and Thursdays with two games per night, like normal.
  • Maximum roster size is TBD. We're considering either:
    • max 14 players per team, but only 12 can play each week
    • max 12 players per team for simplicity
  •  Format of 4v4 with 2W:2M gender ratio

Fall Women’s Hat League

This league is geared toward intermediates and beginners but players of all levels are welcome! 

  • Tuesday evenings from Sept to Nov again
  • Likely 4v4 format to fit cohort limits
  • Register as a Single, Duo, or Trio
  • Open to women and those who gender-match against women on the field.
  • We need mentors, too! Email LM@vul.ca to apply. 

Fall Open Hat League

A great option for intermediate and advanced players looking for fun competition.

  • Sunday evenings from Sept to Nov again
  • Likely 4v4 format to fit cohort limits
  • Register as a Single, Duo, or Trio
  • Open to men, those who gender-match against men, and those who skill-match against men on the field.

Fall Turf Hat League in Surrey

This typically 5v5 hat league will be 4v4 this year. 

  • Sunday evenings at Newton Athletic Park from Sept to Nov
  • Sign up as a Single or Duo
  • Our goal is to have a 2:2 gender ratio but it may be 3M:1W depending on the mix of players who register

Double Disc Court Camp

Try something new! DDC is a fun 2v2 game where each pair defends their designated zone or “court". Perfect for those who want to maintain social distance. 

  • Never played before? We will teach you! Learn more about it
  • Sign up as a Single or Duo
  • Sundays or Saturdays - TBD
  • Likely 6-8 weeks in Sept & Oct 

Team Practices

Does your team want to continue practices this fall? We recognize not everyone will want to join leagues, so this could be an option for you! However, please note space will be limited and we may not be able to accommodate all requests.

  • Sat PM and Sundays should have space. Weeknights possible but less likely.  
  • 6-week cycles or all fall.

Mentor, Advise or Coach

Share your love of the sport with others. If you're hesitant or unable to play right now, you can still be involved! 

Adult Mentors & Advisors

  • We need a few League Advisors to help us start leagues with new COVID rules. 
  • Plus a number of mentors for the Women's league.

Youth Instructors

  • Help the next generation learn our amazing sport! Our youth programs run on weekends this fall.

See the Jobs page for full details on these opportunities and apply ASAP!