Fall Season - Returning to Play

Update Sept 15: We have updated our guidelines and policies to align with Phase 3.

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We have news! On August 24, BC moved to Phase 3 of the provincial Return to Sport Plan

From viaSport's Press Release:

The BC Centre for Disease Control has reviewed viaSport's Return to Sport Guidelines for Phase 3. The guidelines contain recommendations for how different types of sports now can progressively add activities back again while continuing to adhere to current public health recommendations. 

"Sport is an important part of mental and physical health for children, youth, families and our communities," said Dr. Bonnie Henry, B.C.'s provincial health officer. "These guidelines will enable the social and emotional benefits of sport, while ensuring the sports activities remain as safe as possible." 

What This Means

Modified Games

In Phase 3, sports can resume league play using a "cohort" model. We will still follow safety procedures, but we can start playing modified games.

The new guidelines say close proximity and physical contact within sports may be introduced. However:

  • Close physical proximity should still be minimized as much as possible.
  • In sports that involve interactions within two metres, sport organizations should:
    • modify the activity or rules to keep participants at a safe distance;
    • limit the number and duration of contacts between different participants;
    • enforce 2 metre physical distance outside the field of play (e.g. on sidelines), or wear masks if that's not possible; and
    • only play games within a cohort.


A cohort is a group of players who primarily interact with each other over a period of time. For ultimate, the province set the maximum a "50 people or 4 teams", as determined by the sport's Provincial Sport Organization (PSO). BC Ultimate has set the maximum at 56 players (4 teams of 14). 

The guidelines say:

  • Cohorts should remain together for an extended period of time, but players can change cohorts with a two-week break between activities;
  • Individuals should limit the number of sport cohorts to which they belong to reduce the number of people they are interacting with;
  • Coaches may be counted outside the total cohort number if they are able to maintain physical distancing at all times;
  • Parents and spectators are not included in cohort limits, but they should maintain physical distancing.

To run leagues with cohorts, we will create 4-team divisions and cap rosters to stay within the cohort limit. Those teams will play each other each week. To balance divisions and provide some variety of opponents, we can move teams between divisions during 1-2 bye weeks over the course of the season. 

We are still limited to 50 people per gathering per the Provincial Health Order, where a gathering is group of people who interact with each other in a defined space.

Safety Considerations

While games can resume, safety is still a top priority. We all need to do our part to minimize the transmission of COVID-19. 

Many players are excited to play again, some are unsure, and others do not feel safe yet for various reasons. Please know the VUL takes our responsibility to our members, staff and community seriously. The risk of transmission in outdoor activities is low, but we will have guidelines and rules to help ensure everyone's safety. Players who contravene these guidelines may be removed from league play. Players who flagrantly or repeatedly contravene our guidelines may be suspended from future leagues per our Code of Conduct. Let's all work together to have fun and stay safe!

Our guidelines for Fall season include:

  • All participants must follow our COVID-19 policy.
  • Rosters will be capped at 14 players per team for all Fall leagues.
    • Subs are not allowed - all players must be on the roster, including any part-time players. You can replace a player if someone withdraws.
    • For Fall Turf league, each team can play a maximum of 12 players each week so we stay under the 50-person limit per gathering.
    • For Fall Grass league, each team can play all of their players each week (up to 14), as single games are run separately.  
  • We reserve the right to limit an individual's participation to 2 cohorts (e.g. two leagues, or two nights in one league) to align with health guidelines and give everyone a chance to play. Individuals will receive a refund if we don't accept their participation in a program. 
  • All players must complete a set of simple health-checks before coming to the field. Anyone exhibiting symptoms is not allowed to play. 
  • During play you can be within 2 m of others except when marking. Marks will need to be at least 2 m away from the thrower. 
  • Setting your attendance each week is mandatory (for contact tracing).
  • Discs must be sanitized prior to each game. 
  • Masks are optional but welcomed! We will have VUL masks for sale shortly. 

Your Options

Review our options to see what you like, discuss with your friends, and register soon! 

For adults, we'll have a range of Leagues and other options to meet various comfort levels with returning to play. Please note:

  • Space will be limited as we'll have fewer players per field. Register early to claim your spot. 
  • We may limit participation to 2 cohorts for safety and to give more people a chance to play. 

For youth, we have multiple Skills Series, and they can now include scrimmages! We are not running the Youth League this fall.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us