Falling in love ... with ultimate!

How or why do you love ultimate? What throw or play do you love the most? Do you have a photo of you on the field that embodies your love of the game?

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A love letter to Ulti…

There’s a VUL team I played on for 10 years that holds a special place in my heart: Like A Simile (and, in overlapping years, a similar iteration called Dark Side of the Disc).

We’re fully ensconced in adulthood now and while the majority of us still play ultimate, it’s not all together and no longer involves every tournament we can get to within a day’s drive of Vancouver.

Even if I no longer see them on the field - in fluorescent, baggy Five Ultimate shorts and bright orange hats - I’m confident these are people who will always be in my life. During COVID, they are a WhatsApp message away, they are my Facebook fitness accountability group, they are the people I look forward to hugging uncomfortably long when the pandemic is finally over.

I’ve played many sports - ultimate is the one that stuck. It’s a beautiful game filled with beautiful people. I recently moved too far away to drive to my favourite leagues (a special shout out to the Surrey and New West leagues!), but I will be forever grateful to have met and played with and against so many different people in the 16 years I played in the VUL.

If you feel like taking a trip down memory lane, I suggest looking at the “Playing History” tab under your VUL profile. During a period with very little ultimate, it’s a heartwarming way to look back at the people who have helped your love for ultimate grow over the years.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Kristine Salzmann, former Surrey and New West leagues coordinator

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Photo: throwback to a post-game spirit game between Like a Simile and 7 Deadly Spins in 2013.