New Gender Match Call for Trans Inclusivity

Last year, the VUL consulted with Qmunity (BC's Queer and Trans Resource Centre) to make the VUL more trans inclusive. You can read about that process and the changes made on our Trans Inclusivity page

After Summer League 2017 we asked for feedback in a survey on our policy changes to be more trans inclusive. Most of the feedback was highly positive and in support of welcoming trans players.

However, there were a few concerns, especially around the logistics of how to be welcoming on the field and how to be sure not to misgender someone. 

As a result we've created a process for asking about and signaling gender matchups. 

When you are standing on the line before a point, if you aren’t sure what the other team’s gender-matches are, show your matching signals and call out ‘Gender Match!’. The other team will respond by indicating their gender matches with the signals.  

Here are the signals for men and women, set by WFDF (World Flying Disc Federation):

              Man-matching                                                     Woman-matching

We've also created a Transgender Support FAQ page to address other questions and concerns that have so far come up with gender inclusivity. If you know trans people who may be interested in ultimate, please let them know they are welcome in the VUL.