Play 5-on-5 Winter Hat on Soft Grass!

It’s easy to lose your fitness in the winter if you aren’t playing ultimate. Winter Hat is a wonderful league because it’s on soft grass and is more casual than some of our other leagues.

You’ll get your exercise and ulti fix on a Saturday morning and then feel pretty good about launching into the rest of your weekend.

Exciting New Changes to Winter Hat

We’re tweaking the league this to make it a 5-on-5 grass league for a few reasons:

  • 5-on-5 is very popular because it’s fast-paced and fun
  • Grass is a wonderful surface to play on and is easier on the body
  • Shorter games which means 2 hours of solid Saturday morning exercise and then the rest of your weekend free
  • You don’t need a team to register. Sign up as a single or with 1-2 friends!

League Info

You’ll play on Saturday mornings from 10 am-12 pm at centrally located grass fields in Vancouver. The league runs for 9 weeks from Feb 2– Mar 30 (with free pick up on Jan 26!).

Registration is NOW open! Read more on the Winter Hat page, or register now!

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