Play Babes 'N Hats on July 21-22

Join in this fun Summer Tradition!

Babes ‘N Hats is a wonderful way to meet new people and play fun ultimate. There really is no other tournament like it - the cotton jerseys that get uniquely altered, the chance for players of all levels to play in the final and the infectious spirit before, during and after each game. 

The average level is intermediate, but all players are welcome and encouraged to play. What a great way to improve or share your skills with others in the ultimate community!

All players sign up as individuals or pairs and are randomly assigned to teams. The tourney fee is a steal of deal....$30 for singles and $50 for two people(!(*) And it includes all these awesome things:

  • A cotton jersey
  • BBQ on one of the two days
  • Onsite physiotherapist from Insync Physio for taping and injuries
  • Playing in front of a crowd if you make the final
  • Your name on the trophy if you win
  • Tournament photos on Facebook after the event
You won't find a better deal for a tournament, that's for sure!

The 26th version of Babes 'N Hats runs July 21-22, 2018 at Winona Park. 

See the Babes 'N Hats tournament page for more info or register now!

(*) Pairs are likely not on the same team as this is a true hat draw