Special General Meeting 2014

Notice of Special General Meeting of the VULS

At Ultimate Day, Sunday April 27, 2014 at École Jules-Verne, 5445 Baillie Street, near the beginning of the Captains Meeting (10:00am start).


One motion will be put forward by a Board director:

Given that the VULS is pursuing discussions with the Vancouver Park Board regarding possible partnerships for the upgrade of fields and facilities at Parks in Vancouver, I move that:

The members of the VULS permit expenditure(s) not exceeding a cumulative amount of $50,000 from the VULS Capital Projects Fund, within the next 12 months, for the purpose of undertaking field and facility improvements in partnership with the Vancouver Park Board.

Rationale: In order to spend any monies from the Capital Projects Fund, the VULS must obtain approval from the membership at a General Meeting according to Bylaw 7.i.  Discussions have recently occurred between the VULS and the Vancouver Park Board regarding partnership opportunities in the next year. These opportunities include:
1. Contributing $10,000-$30,000 towards upgrades to the Winona Park field-house to facilitate the VUL gaining access to storage facilities in that building (enabling us to save time and money related to event costs and existing storage space), and to improve the washroom facilities.
2. Contributing up to $10,000 towards upgrades to Winona North field to more completely fix the ongoing problem with sandy areas on the south side.
3. Contributing $10,000-$20,000 towards the installation of a small fence around part of Jericho East field to reduce number of dangerous holes that rabbits dig on that field.

None of these projects have been confirmed with the Park Board at this time. By approving this motion, the membership will permit the VULS to pursue field improvement projects in the coming year in a timely manner. The VULS Board of Directors will thoroughly review any partnership agreements, and no expenditure would be made without approval of the VULS Board of Directors.

Posted April 13, 2014