Spirit Ties and VUL Clubhouses 2017

Spirit Tie

In order to reward and recognize top spirited players in the league, welcome back the fun-loving Spirit Tie! Two colorful neckties have been planted in each division, with two more to be added mid-season. 

What to do

If you receive the Spirit Tie, you should:

1.    Photograph yourself wearing it ON THE FIELD
2.    Email your picture, name and  team name to spirit.tie@vul.ca.
3.    Award it to a player on the opposite team after your next game. Talk to your team to decide who.

If you receive the tie at the end of a night, remember to bring it back the following week. Feel free to wear the tie when you play, just try to keep it sweat-free for future recipients!


There will be weekly prize draws for VUL gear and Rackets & Runners gift certificates . We’ll also be doing a monthly contest for the best photo,  AND, at the end of the Summer, we’ll do a grand prize draw for a $250 Rackets & Runners Gift Card!

See the Spirit Tie page for more info including the full prize schedule and past photos.

VUL Clubhouses

Show your disc for 15% off food at any of our clubhouses!*

*Also includes Strange Fellows Beer at participating clubhouses. Ask your server!

Current Clubhouses

We've added 2 more clubhouses this year - Romer's Burger Bar in Kits and Strange Fellows Brewing! See the full list below:

Downtown: London Pub
Closest fields: Andy Livingstone, Trillium

East: The Main, The General Public, East Side Craft House
Closest fields: Kingcrest, John Hendry, Van Tech, Oak Meadows, Winona, Rupert, Renfrew,

West: The Eatery, Romer's Burger Bar

Beer: Strange Fellows Brewing (Mon-Thurs only)
Closest fields: Jericho, Balaclava, Trafalgar, UBC

Important notes:

  • Minimum group size is 4.
  • For large groups, please call ahead so that the clubhouse can prepare tables for you.
  • If your server is unaware of the deal, have him/her talk to their manager, and use this page as a reference.
  • Refer to the VUL Clubhouse page for full info including menu, family friendliness, phone numbers and closest fields.