2015 Spirit Awards

Team Spirit Awards

Spirit of the game really is the backbone of Ultimate. Without it, the game couldn't happen as we all rely on everyone else on the field to be honest and fair with their calls on the field and in the way they play. The VUL would like to thank everyone for playing a fantastic amount of spirited Ultimate this summer!  

We'd especially like to point out a few people and teams that stood out this year in terms of spirit. We recognize the top spirited team of each night and the runners up. This year's winners were:


  • Winners - Random Fling
  • Runner Up - Bento Box C


  • Winners - Robot Love
  • Runner Up - Discalicious


  • Winners - Local Pint
  • Runner Up - Dim Sum Warriors


  • Winners - Hand of Chal
  • Runner Up - East Van Halen

Carbon Flip:

  • Absolute Chaos and Frisdom Fighters V3 (Tie)

Individual Spirit Awards

We will announce our Annual Individual Spirit Award winners: the William Arthur Hawkins Male Spirit Award and the Laurel Stroppa Atwood Female Spirit Award at the VUL Banquet in October.  The following members were nominated by other members who felt they were the most deserving.

Your 2015 nominees are:


  • Ainsley C
  • Clint Sello
  • Colin Dodds
  • David Chinn
  • Jeffrey Roy
  • Owen Paetkau
  • Paul Nielson
  • Steve Epp


  • Carly Renshaw
  • Cher Choi
  • Kathy Johnson
  • Lynn Yuan
  • Shannon Seid
  • Vivian Wong

Congratulations to both the winning teams and the nominees!  It's people like you that make the VUL a better league!