Summer Kick-off Events 2019 - Ultimate Day & Spirit Week

We kick off Summer League with a week of fantastic events before league games commence on May 6. Join us and get ready for summer. 

Ultimate Day

On Saturday April 27 at Ecole Jules Verne, we’ll be holding our biggest event of the year!

Ultimate Day is designed for both captains and players. In the morning we hold our summer captain’s meeting. Immediately following is an afternoon of clinics and workshops with sessions for all levels of players. We run: beginner tune up; offense and defense sessions for intermediate players – on the field and in the classroom; a special throwing session for advanced players; and many more!

But, wait, it gets better! In between sessions you can visit our ultimate tradeshow to learn about VUL partners, regional leagues and tournaments. Plus we run a killer bbq all day. This isn’t just hot dogs and ketchup, we’ve got all the fix-ens for you! 

How to register

You'll need to register for each session separately. You can do that on our Ultimate Day schedule page. Register now as several sessions will fill up!

Spirit week

Itching to start playing some ultimate?

Spirit weeks runs the week before Summer League starts, from Apr 29- May 2. Play fun and spirited ultimate from 6:00-8:30 pm at Memorial Oval on any evening, and meet players from other teams and nights! We’ll give away prizes for awesomeness and whatever else we feel necessitates it. After, head down to East Side Craft House (41st and Knight) for some beers and food. East Side is one of our VUL Clubhouses!

This year, we're especially excited to have Rain City Ultimate helping us run Spirit Week - aka Spring Equinox Spirit Champs and friends of the VUL!

How to register

Register for each night on the calendar.