Summer League 2014 Team Awards

The VUL hands out awards to the top spirited team from each night in Summer League, as well as the team with the overall highest Carbon Flip score. Winners team will receive a special gift to be presented on Oct 18th at the Annual Awards Banquet!

We also rewards individuals for their spirit -- see the list of nominees for 2014!

Spirit Winners

Congratulations to the top spirited teams for Summer 2014, and a special mention to the runners-up. With 60-70 teams per night, this is no easy feat!


  • Winner: Random Fling
  • Runner-up: Top Gun


  • Winner: Illegal Smile
  • Runner-up: Chronic Injury


  • Winner: Dim Sum Warriors
  • Runner-up: I AM FASH


  • Winners: Never Nudes AND Game of Throws: You Win or You Cry (Tie)
  • Runners-up: Bzzykes and Stranger Danger!!! (Tie)

Carbon Flip Winners

Congratulations to the two teams that tied for the 2014 Carbon Flip Award. We truly appreciate your efforts in carpooling and biking to games!

  • Ultimate Flying Objects (UFO's)
  • H.A.M.M.E.R.