Summer League Winners!

1. Overall Spirit Winners:

I want to say a HUGE congratulations to our winners this summer! Our TOP prize goes to one team every night who has the highest average spirit over the whole summer. These teams receive prestigious invites to the VUL awards banquet to receive their amazing prize, which we like to keep to ourselves until that night.

This Year's TOP Spirited teams were:

Monday - DestructO Disk (runners up - Disappointed at Best)

Tuesday - Flick It To Ride (runners up - Princess Layout)

Wednesday - Random Fling (runners up - The Thursday Heroes)

Thursday - Jedi Force (runners up - The Gino Odj-discs)

Congratulations to those teams!


2. Carbon Flip Winners:

Congrats to the team who won the most carbon flips this year at 14! This team also gets an invite to the VUL Banquet and a fitting carbon flip prize!

Dim Sum Warriors

Well done!


3. Division 1 Winners:

We also give out prizes for the top teams from each night - so that means Div 1 winners! These teams receive a $100 gift card to Strange Fellows Brewery! Congrats!

Monday - G-raff A-ttack!

Tuesday - Swinton

Wednesday - ReTox

Wednesday Single-Header - Batteries Not Included

Thursday - Battlecats and Friends

Keep playing! You're Awesome!


4. Division Draw Winners:

Finally, we also do a draw for EVERY division. That's right - one team from every single division gets a prize! How we do the draw is every team is automatically in, but you can earn extra entries into the draw for having awesome spirit, being on time for your games, having captains of different genders, having a rules guru, and/or if members from your team volunteer throughout the summer. These teams also win a $100 gift card to Strange Fellows Brewery! Without further ado, the winning teams this year are:

Monday Div 1 - Little Lebowski Urban Achievers
Monday Div 2 - Skywalkers
Monday Div 3 - Meatkids
Monday Div 4 - Soup Du Jour
Monday Div 5 - Night Hucks
Monday Div 6 - Rain City Ultimate Club 1.0
Monday Div 7 - Bahalalala

Tuesday Div 1 - The Marauders
Tuesday Div 2 - Plaid to the Bone
Tuesday Div 3 - Rookie Monsters
Tuesday Div 4 - Gritty in Pink

Wednesday Div 1 - Fullmetal
Wednesday Div 2 - Azure D
Wednesday Div 3 - Local Pint
Wednesday Div 4 - Goal Mountain

Wednesday Div 5 - Humpty Dumpty
Wednesday SH - Moose ick

Thursday Div 1 - Masters of the Universe
Thursday Div 2 - Flick N Twisted
Thursday Div 3 - Hand of Chal
Thursday Div 4 - Roshi
Thursday Div 5 - East Van Halen
Thursday Div 6 - Finger on the Disc
Thursday Div 7 - Game of Throws: Unbowed, Unbent, Usually Broken
Thursday Div 8 - Petri Discs

Phew! That's a lot of prizes! Congrats to those who won!