Summer Safety Plans

June 11: Updated our plans for marking distance for Adult leagues - see below.

We're excited to be returning to play under BC's Restart Plan.

That said, activities aren't going to go back to normal right away! We are still in the pandemic, and changes will take time. 

Healthy Transitions

Risks to our physical safety are lower as more people get vaccinated, but our sense of psychological safety will take longer to adjust. Many people are understandably hesitant to jump back into close-contact activities. It may take time to feel comfortable with people outside of our pandemic bubbles!

As we resume VUL activities, we ask all VUL members to be aware and respectful of this transition.

We won't require vaccinations for play, but we strong encourage all VUL members to get vaccinated if they can. The vaccines are safe, and they protect you, your friends, family, and our wider community. We will be able to resume normal activities more quickly and more sustainably if more people get vaccinated.

Rules & Guidelines

Step 1 of the Restart Plan does not require distancing during play. However, the PHO did not require distancing last fall, either, and we used 2m marks to be extra careful with member safety. We may use that approach to start this summer, as well.

Different programs may have slightly different rules:

  • Adult Leagues will start with at least 1m marks to allow more people to resume play. We plan to share more details by June 15. 
  • The DDC Series will be a good option for those who want to still maintain distance.
  • Youth Skills & Camps will reduce physical distancing requirements as the summer progresses.
  • Youth and Adult Club programs may start with no distancing requirements for marks. 

We will post updated Return to Play plans here when they are ready.

Our COVID policy is still in effect (see VUL Policies). It will be updated shortly for June, and then again as conditions change. 

If you have any questions or comments, please send them to!