Summer Spirit Winners - Semester 1, 2 & 3

We really value good spirit here at the VUL and we give out a prize to the top spirited team for each night of league play during each of the 3 semesters. We calculate this score based on average spirit among the games that you've played (so don't worry if a game got cancelled on you, it is average spirit and not cumulative). This also re-sets each semester/month - which means we only look at the totals monthly, so you always have a chance to improve and WIN some awesome prizes each month!

Prizes we've given out this year so far include Comedy Mix Tickets (first time winners in a given year) and $100 gift card to your favorite VUL Clubhouse (repeat winners)!

Congratulations to all the winners! Keep up the good work!

The winners this year are:

Semester 1:

Mon - Bahalalala

Tues - Flick It To Ride

Wed - The Frisbee's Knees

Thurs - Jedi Force


Semester 2:

Monday - Soup Du Jour

Tuesday - Illegal Smile

Wednesday - Random Fling and The Thursday Heroes (tied! Both of you win and are awesome!)

Thursday - Jedi Force


Semester 3: 

Monday - DestructO Disc

Tuesday - North Shore Blades

Wednesday - Dim Sum Warriors

Thursday - Beta Blockers