Travel Restricted for VUL Games

Nov. 24 Update:

Regarding Dr. Bonnie Henry's comments on Monday, November 23rd, this does not change our current restrictions. We are awaiting clarification from ViaSport. 


The Province issued a new Health Order restricting indoor sports and social gatherings for a 2-week period (November 8th to 23rd at noon). Dr. Bonnie Henry provided additional clarification in the briefing on Monday November 9th, confirming that the intent was not to stop outdoor sporting activities, but it does restrict travel between health authorities for sport. 

As such, if you live in Fraser Health Authority (Burnaby, New West, Surrey, and beyond), you may only play in our Surrey League for these two weeks. If you live in Vancouver Coastal Health (Vancouver, Richmond, and North Shore), you may only play in Vancouver leagues and programs. This is for both adults and youth.


Youth programs will continue as normal, with the exception that players who live in Fraser Health cannot participate in the Vancouver Skills programs for these two weeks.


Approximately 1/4 of players in the Turf League are from the Fraser Health Authority. This means that some games may not be able to occur. We want to continue to balance safety with the benefits of exercise and playing ultimate. If you live in VCH, we have fields available for you to keep playing. Your division is your cohort, and each division may be impacted differently. Options for teams include:

  • Continue games as scheduled
  • Play pickup games with those in your cohort who can/want to play
  • Have a team practice until all teammates can return

Captains in each cohort are to discuss what option is best for their teams and let the League Manager (Katie) know. 

We hope to be able to extend the league by 1 week to accommodate those players who will not be able to play in these 2 weeks. In the event that leagues are not able to continue, we will implement our refund policy for those affected. 

Thank you to everyone who has raised concerns about both continuing to play and stopping play. We take your feedback to heart. Any decisions being made are based on recommendations from the proper BC authorities and the needs of you, our members. 


  1. I live in FHA but work in VCH, can I play? No, the spirit of the order is to limit cross region contact. Playing ultimate is one more point of contact. 
  2. These rules seem arbitrary, why can some people play and others not? We are following the guidelines from provincial health authorities and ViaSport. As a sports and community organization, we defer the advice of experts in areas where we are not experts ourselves. 
  3. What does the Health Order say? 

Travel for athletic competitions

Travel to, from and between the Vancouver Coastal Health and Fraser Health regions for athletic competitions like games and tournaments is restricted under this order. For example:

  • A team from Abbotsford can not attend a competition in Kamloops
  • A team from Victoria can not attend a competition in Richmond
  • A team from Chilliwack (Fraser Health) can not attend a competition in Squamish (Vancouver Coastal)

If you have any other questions please read the Health Order and contact us.