Updated VUL Rules!

The VUL is adopting the new USAU 2020-21 Rules! There are a number of changes – some big, some small. Here is a brief summary of the changes that impact 5-on-5 games.

Have a look at the complete 2020-21 Rules and let us know what you think! Don't forget to brush up on the VUL 5-on-5 Rules as well. 

New Calls

  • Disc space: You may now either say “disc space” or be more specific and say “straddle” and “wrapping” to provide added guidance to the marker for a disc space marking violation. They are a subset of the disc space rule and have the same result (drop the stall count by 2 – the last number uttered minus 1) (Rule 15.B.3.b-c)
  • When the disc has not been thrown, a travel call does not stop play. The player must return to the spot of the travel without delay and tap the ground. The stall count resumes as soon as the player re-establishes their pivot, there is no requirement to say “stalling” (Rule 17.K.3.b)


  • If a timeout is called when the team has no timeouts, it is no longer a turnover.  The stall count is resumed with the number last uttered before the timeout call plus three. (Rule 7.B.5)
  • If it is not reasonable to sub, an injury timeout can be called for a bleeding player. The bleeding player’s wound must be effectively covered within 70 seconds, or they must be substituted. (Rule 7.C.7)

Dangerous Plays

  • The disc may be returned to the thrower if a dangerous condition is discovered after the disc is in the air or while the thrower is in the act of throwing. (Rule 7.D.1.a)
  • The following are non-exhaustive examples of dangerous play: 
    • significantly colliding with a mostly stationary opponent
    • jumping into a group of mostly stationary players
    • diving around or through a player that results in contact with a player’s back or legs
    • running without looking, when there is a likelihood of other players occupying the space into which the player is traveling
    • jumping or otherwise leaving the ground where it is likely that a significant collision will result
    • wild or uncontrolled throwing motions
    • initiating contact with a player’s head
    • initiating contact with an airborne player’s lower body that prevents them from landing on their feet
    • jumping right in front of a sprinting player in a manner where contact is unavoidable

Foul Clarifications

  • Continuation Rule: If involved players on both teams to agree that an infraction did not affect the outcome of the play, the result of the play may stand, regardless what the rule says should specifically happen. (Rule 17.C)
  • If multiple infractions occur on the same play or before play stops, the outcomes should be resolved in reverse sequence (start with the latest infraction first, i.e. start with a receiving foul, then the throwing foul). (Rule 17.H)
  • A strip is any foul that causes possession of the disc to be lost. Contact does not have to be directly with the disc, as long as the player has clear control of the disc prior to the foul (Rule 17.I.4.d) 

Hand Signals

Game Timing - Winter turf leagues

This is not in the official rule book, but I thought I'd just leave this here for ya anyways! If your games start at the coveted 7pm time slot, subtract an hour from the times below.  

Game Reminder - Arrive & Enter fields

by 8:00 pm

Warmup, Captains & Gurus connect

8:05 pm

Huddle up

8:10 pm

START - Pull is off

8:15 pm

Hard-cap signal (last point)

8:55 pm

END (latest)

9:00 pm

START - Pull is off

9:10 pm

Hard-cap signal (last point)

9:50 pm

END (latest)

9:55 pm


Questions? Email Rules@vul.ca to get clarification on any new or existing rules.

Feedback? Email Feedback@vul.ca if you have feedback on how the rules are implemented/impacting games.