Website Updates

A summary of new features and improvements in 2014:


  • Mobile Schedules: Improved display of game schedules on mobile phones.
  • Rules Guru: Captains can now identify a Rules Guru for their team when editing their roster.
  • Game Comments: Captains can now send a copy of their game comments to the other captain.


  • Mobile Menus: Navigation has been improved significantly. When viewed on a mobile phone, you'll see new icons at the top:
    • Click the 3 bars (top left) to access the main menu.
    • Click the silhouette (top right) to access the personal menu (MyVUL, Sign In, Contact Us).
  • Attendance Reminders: Players will be sent an email reminder to set their attendance status for next week's games.
  • Maps to Fields: Added Transit directions.


  • Email My Team: Captains can now email all players on their team through their team page.


  • Full Season Attendance: Players can now set their attendance status for the full season, even before games are scheduled. On your team's schedule page, a "show future games" link will appear under Upcoming Games if there are more games to show.