Winter 2017 League Options

We are so lucky to live in this beautiful city where we can play ultimate year-round! With that said, we've got plenty of options for you to choose from to stay fit this winter.

Winter League 2017 Registration 

Registration for all Winter Leagues opens on December 8, except for Winter Parity.

Our Winter League options include:

For Adults

  1. Winter Turf (5-on-5) - You're bound to get a bit wet, but you'll be running around so much you won't even notice. There's good reason this league attracts over 75 teams. 5-on-5, played on turf, Monday or Thursday evenings under lights from mid January - April. Registration NOW CLOSED.

  2. Indoor (5-on-5) - Played in a gym on Sunday afternoons. With limited space, this league often fills up very quickly!  5-on-5, warm, and sheltered from the elements. Played from early January - April. Registration NOW CLOSED.

  3. Winter Grass Hat (7-on-7) - Who likes soft grass fields? A great league for meeting new people and enjoying more of the community side of ultimate. Optional brunch after fun games? Yes, please. 7-on-7, played on grass on Saturday mornings from late January - March. Registration closes Jan 29.

  4. Winter Parity (5-on-5) - A league designed for stat lovers and friendly competitive play. This is a 5-on-5 Hat League where your stats will be kept and you could be traded between teams from week to week! Played on turf under lights on Sunday evenings from February - March. Registration closes Jan 30.

  5. Winter Hat in New West (5-on-5) - NEW this year! This 5-on-5 Hat League may be at a more convenient location for you, at Mercer Stadium in New Westminister. Played on turf on Sunday evenings from mid January to March. Registration NOW CLOSED.

​For Youth

  1. Winter U19 Skills Progam (Formerly Development Camp) (5-on-5) - A great program for high-school players looking to improve, with access to excellent coaching. This is a combination of skills clinics plus 5-on-5 games played on turf. It's held Sunday evenings under lights from mid January to March. Registration closes Feb 5.   

  2. Winter U14 Skills Program (5-on-5) - This is our first program for elementary school students! We'll be teaching basic skills for ultimate through games, fun drills and scrimmages, This program runs for 8 Sunday mornings from 10am -12pm starting Feb 5. However, registration closes Feb 26.

Finding a Team

Winter Hats, Indoor, Parity, and Junior Development Camp are all Hat leagues, so you register by yourself or with 1-2 friends and we form all teams.

Winter Turf is a Standard league, so you'll need to find a team to play with! Read how to Find a team to get playing in this league.