Winter Safety & Contingency Plans - UPDATED

Update February 5

The province extended the restrictions on Adult team sports indefinitely, so all Adult Winter leagues are cancelled. Refunds will be provided. 

DDC is able to continue, and all Youth programs can continue, as well. 

The times they are a-changin! As provincial regulations continue to shift, what are our plans for Winter?

Fall Season Went Well

When preparing to Return to Play this Fall, we took careful steps to everyone was safe, including:

  • cohort-based play, with fewer players at each field
  • mandatory health checks each week
  • physical distancing before & after games, and while on the sidelines.
  • sanitized discs
  • 2 meter marks.

Our approach was successful, with zero reported cases from players with almost 1000 adults & youth participating last fall. A big THANK YOU to all players, captains, and instructors for your efforts! 

Winter Plans - as of January 8

Unfortunately, there was transmission in some sports last Fall, especially related to socializing, so on December 4 the PHO suspended all Adult team sports. Youth sports can continue, but under Phase 2 guidelines (no games).

What does this mean for Winter season? We'll adapt!


Youth Options

Our Skills Series and Spring Break Camps will proceed as scheduled. Players can still have fun, develop skills, and get exercise, just without scrimmages until youth sport returns to Phase 3.

Registration is open until February 15 for U19 Skills, and February 22 for U16 & U14 Skills. Register soon as space is limited!


All adult activity is postponed until after February 5th. At that time there are 3 possibilities:

  1. Leagues operate as planned. Depending on field availability, leagues will be shortened to between 6 and 8 weeks. Fees will be adjusted. 
  2. We turn hat leagues into camps and team leagues into practices (based on ViaSport Phase 2). DDC will continue as planned if we are in Phase 2.
  3. Restriction on Adult sport continues.

Adult Options

Registration is still open for all Adult Winter Activities, and we invite teams and players to plan for winter play. Teams only need to pay the deposit to show their interest. Staying active is beneficial for mental and physical health as long as precautions are followed.

We will continue to adjust programming depending on provincial guidelines:

  1. If adult team sports are still suspended, we will provide refunds to those who don't want to wait for restrictions to ease.
  2. If the province returns to Phase 2 (physically distanced play):
    • We'll start Winter Turf League as practices, and switch to games when the province returns to Phase 3. 
    • We'll start all Hat Leagues as camps if we can find enough coaches, and switch to games when allowed.
      • Email Katie via if you can help with camps! Pay will be provided.
    • Team Practices and DDC will proceed as planned.
    • Refunds will be provided for those who want to withdraw.

  3. When we return to Phase 3 (modified games), all programs will proceed as normal.

Notes for All Programs

  • Our COVID policy remains in place, and we'll follow all of the safety procedures we setup this fall to help keep everyone safe. 
  • Participants will be limited to a maximum of 2 cohorts (activities) in the winter season. DDC is an exception. 

Travel Restrictions

For travel, the Province and ViaSport clarified that travel to play with your home club is allowed, so at this time players from the Fraser Health Authority can participate in Vancouver programs. To ensure safety and to minimize disruption, if you are travelling far to play we ask that you only participate in 1 cohort. We may enforce this at our discretion. Note: In addition to our New West league, we may offer an extra Surrey league, and we have a new Youth option in Burnaby, as well. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to Contact Us!


  • Phase 1 - No organized team sport is allowed. Groups of 4 people may do activities together if physically distanced (3 meters).
  • Phase 2 - Sport is allowed, but physical distance must be maintained. We offer team practices and camps.
  • Phase 3 - Modified games are allowed. We offer smaller leagues, with additional rules and guidelines to keep everyone healthy.
  • Phase 4 - New normal sometime in the future.

For more information, see viaSport's Return to Sport resources.