Women's Week is June 5-8

The VUL Presents

Women's Week

June 5-8, 2017

The Vancouver Ultimate League is a  proponent of gender equity in the sport. As you know, we recently updated our gender rule in order to promote more women to join ultimate and to have equal options on the playing field. We know that it will take some time for our sport to get to the point where there truly is equality on the field for all genders, but we want to help get it there. In order to promote gender equity, increase awareness, and encourage more involvement of women on the field, we're launching our first ever Women's Week!. We are asking teams to use this week to highlight the women on your team and their amazing skills. 

What does this mean for you and your team?

1. Encourage your team to put women into roles they usually aren't in. Examples include:

- pulling the disc

- receiving the pull or picking up the disc after turnovers

- initiating cutter or default endzone cutter

- hucking

- calling a play or a force on the line

2 .Take a pic of one of your awesome female teammates at the field, and using words or emojis, tell us why they are amazing.

If you use the hashtag #UltiWomen and tag us on Twitter and Instagram, you'll enter your teammate into a draw for some wicked prizes...maybe you'll win something too :)