Youth Summer Camp - Meet your coordinators!

Youth Summer Camp 2021 - Meet your coordinators

Our summer youth camps are a great way to get kids involved with ultimate! The focus is on having fun, connecting with the community and social experiences. 

We offer multiple week long programs for beginner to intermediate players throughout the summer. Our experienced coaches teach by using a variety of fun games, activities and drills. 

Summer is quickly approaching, more program and registration information can be found on our Summer Day Camps page. 

Summer Day Camps

  • Duration: 6 weeks from July to August
  • When: Monday to Friday, ages 8-11 from 9am-12pm, ages 11-14 1pm-4pm
  • Where: Different locations throughout the summer

Registration is open, and closes the Friday before each camp starts (if there's space).

Our priority is the safety of our participants, please refer to our COVID resources page to see how we are ensuring a safe and fun environment. 

Meet your Summer Youth Coordinators!

Our coordinators come with a ton of experience and passion for ultimate. They focus on the fun and fundamentals of the sport and are excited to share their knowledge in a positive and encouraging environment. 

Aaron Loach, Youth Summer Coordinator

Number of years playing? I have been playing competitive ultimate since 2007, but played a season of summer league in Toronto in 2006
Favourite throw?
My favorite throw is a really crisp, flat flick. The kind that is accurate and gets to where it's supposed to go. 
Current or main past teams? I am currently captaining on Blackfish. I have played on a number of other competitive teams: Furious George for 6 years, Canadian World Games team, Nighthawks, Grand Trunk, UBC open team, as well as the uVic open team. 
Why should people sign up for our summer programs? People should sign up for our summer programming because I believe that I have organized a very fun and engaging program for individuals of all skills and abilities. I have a ton of experience, not only playing ultimate, but also coaching and running clinics for all ages and abilities. I have a firm understanding of the fundamental skills required for ultimate, and I am confident that I can train others in those areas in a fun and engaging way. 
What are you excited to teach? There isn't a specific thing that I am excited to teach. Ultimate has obviously been a passion of mine for a long time, but the thing I am most looking forward to is helping create a strong summer program for a community that has been such an integral part of my life in Vancouver. The icing on the cake is having the opportunity to work with youth in a sport that I am passionate about. 

Dilshaad Birring, Youth Summer Coordinator

Number of years playing? 10
Favourite throw? IO backhand/thumber 
Current or main past teams? Kwantlen park junior team, Queen Elizabeth senior team, Vertigo and Vortex women’s team.
Why should people sign up for our summer programs? This is a very good opportunity whether you are a beginner or a returning player to enhance your skills and get more of that one on one attention and training from your coaches. Also, if you are looking to just have some fun in the sun, these programs are perfect in providing a safe and positive environment to meet and play with new people, while getting some physical activity in as well! 
What are you excited to teach? I am excited to teach and build upon the basic fundamentals of the game, such as throwing, catching, offensive cutting, defensive mark and field awareness/positioning.


More information can be found on our Youth Summer Day Camp page.