"Defense not allowed to put the arms out"

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I thought this may have been covered before, but I could not find the thread.
One of our players was playing Mid-mid in a zone defense with their arms out. One of their players cut in and ran into the back of our player's arm and the cutter called a foul. I could see him being able to do that if she had purposely moved in his way and blocked him with her arms (XVIHc1-2), but she was stationary . He claimed that "the defense was not allowed to have their arms out". I would think that any foul would be on him for running into her! (XVIH1-2) It's not as if he could not have run around her between the 3 mid's. What next, the defense is not allowed to jump!

The defense is absolutely allowed to put their arms out.

The defense is also allowed to get in the offense's way with arms outstretched (though it's
easy to burn somebody who's running around with thier arms out wide).

What is not allowed, by any player, is to take a position which is unavoidable by another
If the D moves his/her arms in front of another player in such a way that the other player
cannot reasonably avoid contact, then it's a foul on the D.

This is a very common rule myth. It was spawned by some wording in the 10th edition about
the defininition of legal Marker position (it mentioned "excluding arms and legs"), but the rule
existed in the way that the myth has taken it and run.

Sounds like you've got a handle on it. Holding your arms out is not by itself an infraction. In conjunction with some other behaviour, maybe, but not by itself.

I don't see the purpose of mid-mid keeping her arms out continuously.

Put the arms out to catch/knock down the disk – yes

Thou not illegal, I cannot recommend a mid holding out arms continuously just as I cannot recommend the deep defender holding out the arms continuously.

Inasmuch as the defense's objective is to deny the offense as much field space as possible in terms of places to catch the disc, I'd say keeping your arms out is a great strategy for a mid-mid at certain times. You're rarely running at full-tilt and by having your arms out when you're not actively headed to an area to defend against a cutter or an attempted throw, you've effectively doubled your width and taken away another lane.

Yep, pros and cons to it.

I love the Offense's presumed rationale for thinking the behaviour was not allowed: 'I wanted to
go somewhere and the D prevented me, that's not allowed!'

The further leap that, even assuming a player is doing something illegal (they're not), that
you're allowed to run through somebody's arms is just stupid. It doesn't take much to hyper-
extend an elbow when jackasses are running through your arms.

Isn't that how Jacky broke his wrist last week? I heard that some jackass ran right through his extended arms...

No, Jacky broke his arm/wrist because some guy made him throw from his knees after making a
fake on the ground, he then got kicked by a poorly executed footblock.

sounds like a spirit foul in there somewhere :-)