Intercepted Catch in EZ still considered a goal

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Couldn't find in the rule book. Is it still considered a goal (for the defending team) if the defensive player intercepts and catches the disc in the offensive endzone.

Do I have that right? Was that ever a rule because I remember that happening years back but didn't see it when I was reading the rule book last night.


It's hard to 'prove' when an action is allowed, because there's simply no rule which forbids it.
That's the wrong way to look at the rules though. Generally, everything is legal unless there's a
rule forbidding/dealing with it.

In this case however, there's a rule that expressly states that a D (a player) catching a throw
(a legal pass) is a goal. It's the first line under the "Scoring" section:

XI.A) A goal is scored when an in-bounds player catches any legal pass in the end zone of
attack, and retains possession of the disc throughout all ground contact related to the catch.

What is not stated expressly is that this type of goal (Callahan) requires yelling, spiking the disc, and/or chestbumping anything that moves.

End zone of attack? So if a defensive player intercepts a pass in the defensive's end goal right?

It uses the words "end zone of attack" because there's often confusion when said in terms
of our or their end zone, or the offensive or defensive end zone.

The end zone of attack is the one you're trying to score in, the other one is the one the
other team is trying to score in. Catch it in the one YOU are trying to score if (or would be
if/when you're on offense) and you score. Catch it in the one the OTHER guys are trying to
score in then you don't.