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Does anyone know of a good mechanic in Vancouver West? (for a Honda)

Heard Pemberton Auto is good. Haven't been there yet but I am going to try them out.

Pemberton Auto Services Ltd 1110 W 15th. North Vancouver 604-987-0022

Conversely, if anyone knows of a good Subaru mechanic that isn't a rip off dealer would also be nice...

Jac By Jac

If you find a good Subaru Dealer let me know....


I have an '87 Subaru that has been kept in good shape by George at Bill & Walter's Garage. It's not the most convenient location (unless you happen to live or work in north Burnaby), but George is fantastic. I've recommended him to a number of friends who have cars of a vintage similar to mine, and everyone has been happy with the work he's done and his very reasonable prices (I think he's $65/hr).

His phone number is 604-298-3031 and he's located at 4406 Dawson Street. See link for a map.

Arbutus Auto centre are good and don't add extra repairs if you don't need them. Located just below the Fraser Arms near the new Transit Bus terminal.

Ann By Ann

YES, try Joe Soares at Soares Automotive repair. He is down on the corner of hastings and clark. he has been my mechanic for many years and is excellent. He doesn't over charge and is a great mechanic and a great guy.


Do you have an address or phone number for Arbutus Auto centre?

I'm guessing he meant Arbutus Service Center near Granville & SW Marine. see link