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Was wondering if it is necessary for the defensive player to tap in the disc after a foul.
For example, a player with the disc gets bumped and calls a foul. Can he or she check
the disc in by tapping it on the ground or does play need to completely stop and
he/she need to check it in with the marker or whoever fouled him/her?

Also along those lines, does the VUL play with the new contact rule?

The rules for checking the disc into play fall under VII.D if you want to check the comprehensive details (which I always recommend).

In short, if there is a defender within 3m of the player in possession of the disc after a stoppage, a "check" of the disc is required to resume play, in which the thrower offers the disc to be tapped by the defender.

Offensive self-checks are performed only when there is no defender within guarding reach. However, even then, a stoppage in play cannot end without the consent of both teams. The example you have cited is one that would stop play.

The disc should be checked into play by the marker. I don't really want to get into the implications of what it means for someone else to check the disc into play. Suffice it to say that according to the rules, it is the marker who checks the disc.

The VUL plays according to the 11th Ed. USA Ultimate Rules of Ultimate. The "contact rule" does not fall into that body of rules, so the VUL does not play by that rule.

At the risk of this "contact rule" getting out to the masses, can someone post a link to where I could find it? I'm curious what it is, and how to deal with it if it comes up.


Two versions of the rule in question exist. The older rule is a longstanding WFDF rule. USA Ultimate implemented their own version in the 2012 College Series.

Click on the link below for the USA Ultimate rule.

Weird, but good to know on the off chance I work a college series game. Thanks.

Hungerwonger: Further to atanarjuat's response, (BTW, he meant o reference VIII.D), to answer your question about whether the play completely stops, that is covered by the continuation rule (XVI.C), which I encourage you to read. In general, unless the disc is in the air or in the process of being thrown, play does completely stop and cannot restart without defensive acknowledgement. Often, even if it is in the air or being thrown, play still completely stops - see XVI.C for all the details.

IN: That rule is extremely unlikely to "come up" since it's not part of the USAU/UPA rules.

... although I wouldn't at all be surprised if "contact" was implemented in the USAU Fall Club Series.

Contact: coming soon to a field near you.

To slightly correct the first reply, it's not whether a defender is within 3m / guarding distance (which is synonymous, for those that don't recognize)... it's whether a defender is near enough to touch the disc.

That means if the defender has to move (even 1 foot or 1 inch) to reach the disc, they're too far to touch it. Otherwise they'd need to move to touch it, and players are not allowed to move once set in the proper location.

But regardless of all that... ALL checks (i.e., defense touch, or offensive self-check, or defensive self-check), require BOTH offense AND defense readiness acknowledgement before a valid check can happen. So no, in your example, the thrower can't just quickly touch it down, and play DOES need to stop... well, he/she CAN, but shouldn't be surprised to be called for a violation (*).

And because it seems to need to be repeated repeatedly, touching the disc down after moving with the disc (e.g., bringing it to the line after a turnover or out-of-bounds) is NOT a check, and doesn't need defensive acknowledgement - and shouldn't even be offered to, or touched by, the defense.

( * Bonus marks - and if they DO touch it down and throw it too quickly, before defensive acknowledgement/readiness, violation is called, but the thrower turns it over, is it:
a - turnover stays turned
b - comes back to the thrower, no matter what)

Why couldn't THAT question have been on the exam??

heh, it WAS... did you miss it?

Apparently I wasn't paying as much attention as I should have been...

Isn't 'paying attention' a key requirement for being on team orange? ;)

Unfortunately my attention demands union salary, so I can only pay it for so long before it goes on strike.

And like clockwork, the "Contact rule" was just added to the USA Ultimate Club Series.

But the VUL still plays by the 11th Ed. Official Rules, so it still doesn't affect us.

Thanks for all the replies. As you mentioned "touching the disc down after moving the disc" is
NOT a check, then can the defense start counting stalls while you are walking back to the
line/sideline? For example you run into the end zone and we've aknowledged youre not in, can
I start counting stalls while you (sometimes slowly) walk it back to the line?

Yep. Same thing for running out of bounds. You can start counting stalls as long as you're within 3 metres of the spot where the disc is to be put into play (the disc is only "live," not "in play," while the player is walking the disc to that spot: II.R.2).