team jerseys.. where to get them?

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I am trying to kit out my team, but finding jerseys seems to be more work than I thought it would be.

I know Gaia has them, but ordering on-line makes me pay in american.. wtf?

There is another site, VC ultimate, but I don't know what the quality/service is like. Anyone ever order from them?

Alternatives? Seems like coke and pepsi here.

Thanks in advance

Regarding the GAIA site: there's a little drop down menu at the top of the home page where you can change your region to Canada. That'll change the currency for you.

VC Ultimate seemed fairly expensive the last time I looked. MEC has some good stuff, but the last time I checked, they didn't have the same colours in mens and womens which makes it really hard to get a team set of anything. Cotton T's you can get from almost anywhere if your team doesn't have the budget for technical fabrics.

Soccer specialty stores usually provide good prices and service for team sales. (if you dont mind wearing the big brands such as Addidas, Nike or Umbro). You will be able to find jerseys priced from $16 to beyond $50 each. Ive seen really nice Umbro technical jerseys for less than $25 and Im sure every brand has a competitive product.

You can try GMAX Sports on Broadway near Alma, and Im sure there are a few others around, I just cant think of them right now. Good luck.

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You can also try Game Point Sports on Clark and 3rd (or 2nd). You kind of have to go in and talk with the owner and he'll give you some fabric samples to check out. They have examples of styles/cuts, etc.

Game Point tends to be MUCH faster than Gaia, who seem to give priority to teams in a way that is not first-come, first-served. I like the Gaia product but have been disappointed with the service.

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Try Copasetic/Bone-dri (see link below)

Talk to this guy name Cam. He helped me out with our Summer uniforms, but unfortunately didnt go with them b/c they didnt have the colour we wanted. They have great stuff (dont worry about the styles on the web, they have way more), but unfortunately they only manufacture in qty. of 100 or so.

They also have a small showroom across from Inspiration furniture on 4th. You might luck out with some uniforms for your team. They have overruns that they sell.

Or even try Gleic on 4th as well. They manufacture a bunch of dri-fit stuff that they might have left overs too. You have to talk to their promo department upstairs, not the store.

Good Luck!

Actually if you want simple sleeveless poly shirts, MEC carries them for less than $20 each.