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Thinking of getting a pair of gloves. Anyone have any brand/style preferences? Had a look at MEC, but the cycling gloves they have seem pretty bulky.

Rob By Rob

I use these in the winter (see link). Got them at MEC. Nice and thin, but still have good grip.

What I'd really like to know is how Grant and Atanarjuat are RESPONDING FROM THE FUTURE.

Ive used football "receivers gloves" for many years with great success. they are thin leather that is impregnated with rosyn which makes them stay grippy even when wet (leather usually turns to slimy cold mush when its saturated)... trouble is that they cost quite a bit....
Some other people have used baseball batters gloves which may or may not have the treatment that made the receivers gloves work reily well for me.


I think the first question should be to ask what problem you are trying to address.

-impact bruising?
-general all-weather grip issues?

I wouldn't necessarily prescribe gloves as a first solution to all of the above, but the reasons for wanting gloves may affect the answer.

I have some gloves I've imported from Japan designed for Ultimate. Not slippery like bike gloves nor as sticky as football gloves. These gloves help you catch better in our Vancouver weather. If you're at league I can come by to show you some. Email me and let me know. Cheers!


In the cold, I use this neoprene MEC light paddling glove (see link).

If it's dry, my throws come out normally. The grip deteriorates as they get wet due to the fabric rotating around my release finger. If I go a size smaller than normal, I can mitigate that a bit but eventually they become water-logged and nearly useless for throwing.