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Hahaha....Thanks Brian. I won't give it another thought, then.

is that the first time someone has outted My 2 Cents?

How do you "out" someone on the Forum??? I can go on accusing any old alias of being an actual person Ed (or Tom, or Jan, or Alison).

Like all forum posts, just beacuse one of us says it, doesn't make it true. In fact, just like 99.99% of all posts, it's probably complete Bull $hit.


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Hey, leave me out of this, I'm interested in the idea of MLU in Vancouver, just not sure we will live to see the day...didn't the league get sued/is sueing one of it's teams after the FIRST SEASON? Doesn't bode well.

Of course, there is a hole in the Major League sports area left by Hockey, maybe now is the time!

Where do I try out?

Brian - The One and Only

Sorry, must have mixed you two guys up. Quite similar and after a few beers I can never tell
which one of you I'm talking to....

Here's another article about dude and his rich dad trying to make it a go in TO.

( although I laughed when the writer suggested this will be a level up from the his current
team of GOAT)

"In fact, just like 99.99% of all posts, it's probably complete Bull $hit."

Well played. The non-denial that sounds like a denial, but leaves enough wiggle
room that it can't be an untruth.

@Brady, Brian:

One of the teams for the AUDL did get sued (Connecticut). Then the owner of another team (Philly) broke ranks started up the MLU with a few guys from the West coast. These are two *different* professional leagues. And the USAU has changed their club series' partly to defend against these new leagues (so I understand).

Some articles here:

well played M2C, well played

(and congrats - i'm expecting my player offer sheet any day now)

What will the average signing bonus be for MLU players? Also, for $25/game, I'm thinking players entourages won't be too extensive, at least in the first year. Maybe a couple of homeless guys who work for cans.

Buying my season tickets today!


i'm wondering how similar the vancouver, seattle, portland and san fran teams will be in the pre-existing elite teams

with morgan signed and andrew as the coach, how long until lots of other fg players are added as well

and what does morgan "signing" actually entail - was he given a few rolls of quarters? had to promise his first born? gets discounted sushi at the eatery? a free keg of russel brothers beer?

I attended the meeting with the MLU execs and Furious guys and I think it's safe to say that
the NightHawks are something that most Furious guys are behind. I believe it's the same with
the other MLU teams along the West Coast.

With the rule changes and focus on making this a more spectator-oriented sport, it's going to
be a very exciting season for both players and fans.

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Things are happening with the team, stay tuned for the announcement of the OPEN TRYOUTS for the team.

If you are like me and you talents are better suited to "off field" involvement, we are currently looking to fill a number of positions with the team. Get involved in Professional Ultimate in Vancouver. Check out the Jobs tab on the Nighthawks Team page.

Brian Gisel
President, Ultimate Operations
MLU Nighthawks

Brian, I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on this article (see link) about professional ultimate leagues.

I haven't read said article, but anything titled "What Do We Stand For?" immediately causes my eyes to roll.

It's a reflex thing.

m2c By m2c

Overall I thought it was a well writen and thoughtful piece.

I think my main comment is that there seems to be a suggestion of absolutes that does not reflect the real world. Does Ultimate (or any sport) need to only move in one direction but no other? Are things so perfect now that any change must be bad?

I can't say what will happen to the sport if Professional Ultimate takes off. I can't say what will happen to the sport if WFDF gets us into the Olympics. I can't say what will happen to the sport if neither of those things happen. Anyone who claims to know this is foolling themselves (and you).

I agreed to be involved with the MLU for many reasons. One of them is my belief that "More Ultimate is Better". I hope that the success of MLU will result in more people playing this sport that we all love so much. I think that will be a good thing. I can't say for certain if that is true.


I think professionalism was an inevitable outcome of popularity. As someone
who was once called (derogatorily) a 'lifelong rec level player' on this forum
when a similar topic arose, my feelings remain mixed about how much 'good'
comes out of creating professionals. It seems a sense of entitlement is
sometimes not far behind, regardless of remuneration.

But the Olympics would be the death of all that is good and right with this
sport. Not because of the athletes, but because it's a rotten, corrupt
organization that deserves to excised from the world of sports. It's not about
sports. It's about sugar water sponsors and patronage appointments. Blech.

I do wish the Nighthawks every success.

""What Do We Stand For?" immediately causes my eyes to roll."

I'll echo Brian's comments. It's a well-considered look at Ultimate at a

A little self-reflection is a good thing. Especially if a sport has core values
beyond fastest, highest, strongest as part of its raison d'etre. Core values
should reflect the zeitgeist of participants, and certainly not be hide-bound by
those who might wistfully recall a 'better' time, but at the same time, it
doesn't hurt to listen to crusty old grandfolk once in a while.

Has Ultimate changed? Undoubtedly. Has it lost some of its charm? Arguably.

Will professionalism dilute its core value 'SOTG'? I would argue that it is
almost inevitable. It is nearly a truism that seeking mainstream appeal will
impact principles.

*although sometimes I think we have this bout of angst as regularly as some
folk discuss the 'right' time to put up Xmas decorations at the mall, but

CBC story on Nighthawks should air in tonight's newscast between 5pm - 6:30pm

Twitter says the CBC story on the Nighthawks will be on at ~5:40pm

Jon By Jon

Online already for those who missed it.