looking for Female GP - suggestions welcome!

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Lau By Lau


it's impossible to find a female GP in this city
that has openings in her practice. Any
suggestions? Centrally located would be good.
What do you like about her?

Thanks in advance!

Dr Falk and Dr Story - both at the same place in Kerrisdale are very good. (I know one
personally and had one as a Dr - both female) Not sure if they're still taking new patients and
you might have to live in the area. But the clinic has another location near Commercial and one
more somewhere else... All the doctors are likely good at any location. PH 604-267-2697

Amy By Amy

I was looking too and was recommended to the Chaldecott Medical Centre on Dunbar. All female doctors on staff. I haven't been there yet though.


Most aren't taking new patients - your best bet is to check out the BC college of family physicians web site as I am told they have a listing of all Drs still accepting new patients. I am also told that at least one Dr in the Seymour Medical Clinic is always accepting - just don't know if its a male or female.

Vix By Vix

I had several responses to a similar post in the spring, after my long-time GP quit. I called every female GP that was recommended and the only one to accept new patients was Dr. Laurie Bootsman in the Laurel St. Medical building: 604-875-5691. Good luck!

Try Dr. Tanya Cullam at the Seymour Medical centre.

Dr. Mandy Karim on Broadway - I think it's either Yew, or maybe Vine. There's a walk-in clinic there. She is fantastic. It's drop-in, but things like physicals she only does at particular times of the day (these are by appointment). I think it's called Broadway Walk-in.

I highly recommend her. She is a thorough and thoughtful doctor; she will not disregard your concerns.

Also, I've been to Aquarius in Yaletown (beside Urban Fare). They're pretty good there too -- I usually book an appointment, but I think they take walk-ins as well.

Good luck!