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Tangential tip...

Buy a domain. It's less than $15 a year for a .ca (less for a .com), and you get unlimited

email addresses at that domain.

If you were to buy: (available BTW), you can have any email @, forward to your regular email address.

So, when you sign up with NYT, you can do what I did, and register your email with them as

"". This will forward behind the scenes to your regular hotmail/gmail/


Then if you ever get spam at, you'll know exactly who gave the address

out. Further, you can then simply forward that individual address to the

NYT customer service email address, and they'll get the spam instead of you.

If you never give out the address that it forwards to, you'll get much less spam. Plus, when

it's time to move email providers/email address you don't have to let anybody know, you just

change your domain email forwarding to your new address. Your friends will keep sending you

email at the address you gave them (, and all the other

websites will continue working.

By doing this, plus never, ever publishing an email address to the internet, even in a forum

( and will eventually be picked up by

crawlers and start getting spam), and you should get little to no spam.

It's dead easy to set up a domain. I recommend purchasing it at and using as your DNS. Email me if you have questions, and I'll be happy to help.