Moderately insane throwing partner

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Looking for someone who's a little nuts to throw Every Single Day for two weeks, 7am-815 or so Andy Livingstone. Alternating kung fu, zen, and maybe some othermore left-side balancing routine.

interested. but time doesn't work for me. just curious, are you preparing for something?

What's a better time? (I'd prefer to have one consistent time b/c otherwise scheduling becomes a chore.)

Short answer no, just trying to see if a really intense "boot camp" will produce more consistent throwing. Longer answer, maybe considering trying out for something.

I'm interested. When would you start?

Flexible but soon - within the next couple of weeks. Are you able to make the time and place?

I'm actually out of town for the next two weeks (going to the worst city with the worst people). Also, next time, remind me to google field locations before responding to posts.