players needed to fill team - Monday night summer

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Our summer team is looking for a few male and female players. We usually are seeded in Monday night tier 3ish.
Our captain for many years has passed the torch so I am working to ensure we have the numbers before we register.

Hey D.J. - let me know if you still need guys. I'm tall and have lots of experience. Most of the value I add is in handling and playing defense but I can fit in as needed. Looking to join vs subbing. I live for ultimate!

Hi DJ,

Are you still looking to fill spots? I'm a 28 yr old guy, limited Ultimate exp, but lots of soccer etc and plenty of general Frisbee skills. Would love to join if you've got the space.



My name is Takahiro. I'm 25 years old. I'm from Japan.
I go to the language school ,and I'm leaning English now. I can speak English a little.
I have ever been to play it 3 years in middle school. I can play basketball and badminton, that's why I'm good at spots. I'd like to play with you.
Thank you.

Jib By Jib

Hello I m at intermediate level and love to play ultimate. I have bee playing for past six years and would love to join your team.