Any Indoor Teams Need a Sub? Also want practice/throwing buddies in Richmond...

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Just got back to Canada and would like to get into ultimate again. Heard that there's still indoor for 3 weeks so I'd like to sub if possible.

Profile: would classify myself as an advanced beginner, i.e. can flick/forehand/bust out a chicken wing when needed & have played for 4 seasons in Asia but hadn't touched a disc for 3 months until last night.

Also, I'd like to practice w/ someone in Richmond regularly for the next couple of weeks, or maybe longer.


Hi Pearly,

I'm also interested in finding a throwing partner in Richmond.
Profile: started last summer and been playing for both fall and winter as well as playing for summer this year as well. I would say I'm still a bit new to the game, but can throw all the basics: flicks, hammers, chicken wings, scoobers, etc.

Contact me if you are interested!