Looking for ladies for Wed summer ulty team

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Hi! Our team is looking for more ladies to join our Wednesday summer ultimate roster. We have room for 3 more women. If you are a duo with another guy, we can likely make space too. We'll also likely register for div. 5.

Hi Reena, I'm interested!

My name is Sarah. I played on a summer ultimate league for two years in Madison, Wisconsin before moving out here to Vancouver last year. I'm looking to join a team to make some friends and play some ultimate, therefore I'm scoping out teams that are looking for extra girls. Still looking? I'm reaching out to a few teams to see what turns up, as I understand some may have already found the player that they're looking for.

Skill-wise, I know the basic strategies of the game and have done practice drills for various types of game play, field movement, and throws. I'm no airbender, but I have solid distance and accuracy on my backhand and flick; hammer is there some of the time, too. I want to join a group that's interested in practicing outside of games and open to doing other fun social stuff in addition to frisbee.

Let me know if it could be a fit!