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My name is Sarah. I played on a summer ultimate league for two years in Madison, Wisconsin before moving to Vancouver last year. I'm looking to join a team to make some friends and play some ultimate. I've reached out to a few teams to see what turns up, but it never hurts to leave a post here, too.

Skill-wise, I know the basic strategies of the game and have done practice drills for various types of game play, field movement, and throws. I'm no airbender, but I have solid distance and accuracy on my backhand and flick; hammer is there some of the time, too. Div 4/5 is probably where I'm at now; after getting into the swing of things over the summer I'll probably be more like Div 6/7. Don't really know how things translate from Wisconsin to Vancouver, skill-wise. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are best, but I'm open to other nights, too.

Email me to get in touch about joining your team: sjtolle1@gmail.com

Hi Sarah,

Just emailed :)

Coo By Coo

Emailed you just in case you are looking for a Wednesday Div. 7 team.