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Mel By Mel


I've tried to find how to post on Matchmaker (as instructed) but none of the links seem to work for me. So...

I'm looking for a team for the summer! Or people to practice with/ teams to sub in for. I would consider myself an intermediate player. It's been a while since I've played but am ready to get back to it and learn more technical/ tactical aspects of the game. My two main skills are running/ cutting (really fast) and being a fairly consistent catcher. I'll score points for the team!

If you need players or want to get out and chuck a frisbee around, let me know.



Hi there,
I m trying to put together a summer Monday night team. Looking for a few more players to complete the list. Let me know if you are interested. We are a fun group that has been playing a while. A nice mix. Our past captain is out this season so I m learning the ropes here. Anyway get in touch if you are interested.

Hi Mel

I am putting together a Thursday team. We have been playing together for a few years. More focused on having fun and getting exercise. Let me know if Thursdays work for you.

Amy By Amy

Hey Mel,

I'm looking for ladies for a Thursday night team. Lower div with some newbs and some people that have played before...interested? :)

Coo By Coo

Hi Mel,

If you are still looking for a summer team, our Wednesday Div. 7 team would love to have you on our team.




Wow people are nice on here!

We have a Thursday team. Running, laughing, beer. Interested? (The Growlers in Div 5/6 is my guess) Right in the middle somewhere!