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My name is Gaana and I'm from India . I'm going to be staying in Richmond Vancouver this coming month till the 21st of June . I'm looking forward to playing some ultimate while here , and also possibly play in a tournament . I play intermediate level club ultimate in India and have a playing experience of 4 years .
Look forward to hearing from you'll :)
Cheers and love


Hey Gaana,

Can't tell by your name, but are you female? If so, if you wanna play with us we, we play Mondays and our next game would be in Andy livingstone at 7pm-8:30pm. 604-644-4483 is my number

Hey Kevin
Yes I'm a female and would love to join you guys .
Will call you soon once I get a local number .



Want to play with our team while you are here? We are a fun team with great spirit. We have two injured players so you would be simply filling their shoes :)


Wanna play tomorrow? 7PM and 830PM double header!