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Female looking to play on a team. I already play on Wednesdays so need another day of the week. I've played for 4 years.
Happy to sub or play full time.

Want to play Thursday nights? We're in Div 2. :)

Hi! E-mail me at trepaniergabie@gmail.com. Full time opportunity on Tuesdays.

Hi I am also Thursday nights, but div 4. Depends which division you're more comfortable with. We'd be happy to have you! Let me know.


We are a lower div team (6 I think) but would love a sub or a full time player :)


Not sure if you committed to a team yet but we're looking for a female tonight and possibly for the rest of the season. We're div 3/4. We're a super fun team that brings a cooler of beer to every game. Text me if you're interested. Tianna 604-626-7282