Foul/Violation + Disc is caught out of bounds.

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This came up, and I never came to a resolution in my mind. Generally speaking on a call with continuation, you need to catch the disc legally (as I understand it) for the disc to go back to the thrower, else it is a turn over. If the disc is caught out of bounds, is that considered a catch? I would assume that out of bounds is out of bounds.

I think you understand correctly. Catching out of bounds is not a completion.

-If the thrower was fouled, it would return to them anyway.
-If the marker called the foul on the thrower, it is a turnover (ie they retract their call and the pass is incomplete).
-If the receiver called a foul while the disc was in the air, it depends: Did the foul CAUSE the catch to be received out of bounds? If the receiver had no realistic chance of catching in-bounds, it is not a foul. If the foul prevented an in-bounds catch, the receiver gets it if uncontested; back to thrower if contested.
-If the downfield defensive player called foul on the receiver, turnover (they retract their call and it's an incomplete pass).
-On a pick call, and the thrower did not acknowledge, it's a turnover.

The last scenario may be the one you refer to. The receiver must make an IN-BOUNDS catch, and if the pick affected the play, it is returned to the thrower.

Thanks Alaan, the last scenario is the one I was looking for.