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Mayday Mayday!!!!



730 Main street

join the sfu ultimate team in a night of shenanigans and dancing.....SWEET PRIZES (gaia, eatery, $200 cash....more)

TICKETS: 10 bucks at the door

BEER: mmmmm Storm micro brew

and highball specials

doors at 9pm

FREE and SECURE parking...just ask the hostess at the Brickhouse.

come out and rip it up with us.

And indoor bike racks to boot!

Leo the bar owner rox!

Leo DOES ROCK! And the upstairs there is so vintage it TOTALLY ROCKS!!!

But you gotta admit... 10 bucks for a chance at winning either 200 bucks, a TV (yes that's right), a KILLER new model Gaia bag, or as the ad says MUCH MUCH MORE... well hells bells ain't that a sweet invite!!! ;)

Add in there all the fun people... and a little of the funny juice perhaps, and YEEEHHHAAAA!!! :)

I'm so there... looks like it'll be a great time...