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Some of you may have heard a few rumours that we were building a new website....

Well, those rumours were true.

A beta version of our new site is now live at

Check it out, and let us know what you think! You can sign-in with your existing VUL account.

Wow...very quite here about the new site...I guess the Forum is officially dead.

How about this. The New Website is too pro-cycling, will lead to the downfall of Vision Vancouver and supports the Olympics. Plus it is bad for SOTG and doesn't use the Canada Line because it's too busy.



Will the current mobile site remain active (bathroom codes, light codes,
permits, etc), or will it also be replaced with a mobile-friendly page?

The current mobile page will disappear when the current site is shut down, but that information will be accessible on the new site. The entire new site will be mobile-friendly (once we sort out some bugs and display issues).

A few things that I like on the Ottawa league site ( are the "recent content" feature, the very prominent tabs for volunteers and tournaments, a centralized location for info on competitive play (list of teams, tryouts, links to team webpages etc.) as well as their "new players" section. This last section is really important if growing the league and attracting players is one of the goals.

Other goodies and such I'd like to see
- team list export feature for captains/assistants making it easy to generate spreadsheets, phone/email lists, use with roster managers like HappyTC or Rosterbot, or integration of better roster management directly into the site
- a league wide sub list that lets people register with skill level and availability on a seasonal basis and allows captains/assistants to contact individuals through the list or provides contact info with player's consent. OCUA has a system and it generates lots of demand for the listed players.
- a detailed skill questionnaire that automatically sets skill level based on multiple choice answers (again something I think OCUA does better than we do)

Glad to see the website project is finally moving forward.

Also, the new logo looks a lot like the vimeo 'v' logo...