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I played this summer on wednesday IV, III and II and I am now looking for a competitive team for this fall.

It would be better on saturday because I play basketball on sunday.

I still have to improve my throwing skills but I am not a bad runner and catcher.


This is not meant to be insulting, but you may want to re-think rating yourself as B+ if, as you put it, "I still have to improve my throwing skills but I am not a bad runner and catcher." It may be just choice of words, but if you are being accurate, you may not get many bites due to the descrepancy.

Generally, B+ would have quite good all-round skills, throwing being chief among them. A players would be strong players all-round, with Elite being very experienced, high skill level, and probably touring under their belt.

Not a direct reply, but as a note to the VUL site.... As another player relatively new to Vancouver looking to join a team, I think the above information should be available on the website when you choose your rating. I didn't really know where I stood.....

I just asked a friend of mine where he placed my level. I have no idea how bad or good I am. He saw me playing and plays on thursday I.

But thx for your remark.

Oh and by the way, I think players improve their skills all the time, that's what I learnt by playing sports with good players.

The guy who doens't is my idol

Just to defend Mat (if it's the same one I am thinking of, from France, right?)..

While his handling is a little rough (playing only a little while will do that to you), he is an _exceptional_ athlete, and any team that had the time to put into him would be rewarded by a pretty stellar striker and deep cover man. Is he a B+ player... maybe not right now. But he will be better than B+ very soon, and he could definetly play on a B+ team right now, if he was given a clearly defined role.

Hope that helps



Hey Rob, I hope you're doing well.

Thanks for your comment, I really appreciate.

I am in to throw the frisbee whenever you want, I just came back from France.

This subject is almost a forum but I still didn't find a team to play on a saturday:-)

Hey Mat,

Give me an email, we'll chat bout a saturaday team.