2016 AGM - New Business

See the 2016 AGM article for a full summary of the event.

New Business will include:

1. Changes to Bylaws

A new BC Societies Act will come into effect on November 28, 2016. The Board is proposing changes to the VULS Bylaws at our 2016 AGM so they are in compliance with the new Act. The Board has also used this as a opportunity to clarify ambiguities in the Bylaws.

A director will make a motion at the AGM to amend our bylaws as proposed in ProposedVULSBylaws-Nov-9-2016.pdf (with changes marked for clarity) and as presented at the AGM. You can also review a Summary of the Changes. The new Bylaws will be submitted as part of our transition application to the new Societies Act after it comes into effect on November 28, 2016.

2. New Vision & Mission

As part of preparing our new Strategic Plan, the Board has developed new Vision and Mission statements. The new single Vision Statement will replace the 3 Vision Statements that are captured in our Values & Visions document (see link on Governance page). 

The Mission Statement in our bylaws was defined when the Society was first created in 2000 (prior to that the VUL operated under the BC Disc Sports Society). That Statement was defined as an "unalterable provision". However, over time multiple Boards have expressed a desire to change it. The new Societies Act allows societies to change unalterable provisions. The change has to happen in two steps: first the society must move any unalterable provisions to the end of their Bylaws when they apply to transition under the new Act, and then at a later date, the Society can change those provisions through a Special Resolution at a General Meeting. We will introduce our new Mission statement at this AGM, and propose we modify the statement in the bylaws at a future meeting. 

The new statements are:

Vision: We envision a future where ultimate is the leading recreational sport. We want everyone involved to have fun, develop skills and character, live healthier lives, and build lasting relationships through spirited ultimate. We aspire to be a vibrant, inclusive and sustainable society, committed to excellence, and a model and resource for other organizations.

Mission: Ultimate is our way of bringing joy into people’s lives. We organize, promote, teach, and support spirited ultimate in Metro Vancouver for participants of all ages, genders and abilities. We collaborate with other organizations to foster the growth and development of the sport. We are guided by Spirit of the Game in everything we do.

3. Strategic Plan

Our current 5-year plan is ending this year (see a summary on the Governance page), and the Board & Staff have prepared a new plan for 2017-2021.

The new Plan does not have a single overarching goal like the last plan. Guided by our Vision & Mission, the new Plan has 4 Pillars areas of focus) and 6 Foundations that support all of the pillars. 

Pillars: Youth, Adults, Regional Support, Leadership

Foundations: Spirit, Facilities, Communication, Collaboration, Human Resources, and Governance.